Beautiful for presentation and protection.


Protects yet is 100% biodegradable

Zoos & Animals

Perfect for animal bedding and enrichment

Seafood Export

Chemical free, strong, resilient and food safe

WoodWool Australia

Woodwool Australia manufactures and distributes large volumes of WoodWool for a multitude of applications to a growing number of clients nationwide. As a sister company to Filtex Filters, WoodWool Australia is located in Adelaide with over 30 years in the industry.

With the growing trend of eco-sustainable, natural, chemical free and food safe products, WoodWool is fast becoming a popular choice for many businesses. Durable, beautiful in appearance, resilient and versatile, WoodWool has many applications such as wine/ gift packaging, live crayfish/ lobster export packaging, animal bedding and evaporative cooling pads.

To find out more about how you could use WoodWool for your business please go to our usage page or contact us for more information.

Corporate Social Responsibility

WoodWool Australia are serious about our Corporate Social Responsibility. With a commitment to support not for profit organisations that fight for the environment, along with our vision of being a ‘no waste’ factory, our corporate partnership with Zoos SA was a perfect match. We donate our WoodWool seconds and finer bi-products to Zoos SA. This provide beautifully strong and cozy bedding as well as enrichment opportunities.

From Zoos SA

“Adelaide Zoo’s Giant Panda Wang Wang in his night quarters playing with his Woodwool Australia enrichment. Keepers use enrichment to provide animals will daily variety by creating an environment that allows for physical and mental choices while encouraging the use of natural behaviours.”


Our beautiful woodwool is made from top grade Radiata Pine and Aspen timbers. It is air dried and chemical free making it 100% biodegradable.


Chemical free, cleanly manufactured and made from the finest grade of food safe timbers our WoodWool is a safe choice for food packaging and animal bedding.


Our Pine and Aspen timbers are sourced only from eco-sustainable plantations committed to ethical and environmentally sustainable practices.

Seafood Export

Using pest free, chemical free and food safe timbers, our lightweight yet durable WoodWool is strong enough to ensure your seafood arrives to your domestic or international destination in premium condition.

Fragile Transport

Protect your fragile items in style and class. Due to it’s crush resistant, cushioning, moisture absorption properties, WoodWool is the ultimate choice for large or small item protection in transit.


Showcase and cushion your items beautifully. Our WoodWool is a natural product with no chemicals perfect to display your items.

Gift Decoration

WoodWool makes for a beautiful addition to high end hampers and gifts. Air dried with dust removed it is easy to use and looks amazing.

Evaporative Cooling Pads

Our premium Aspen woodwool is available in 3mm traditional strands and innovative round interlocking strands. Nothing compares to genuine Aspen for Evaporative Cooler pads.

Zoo Bedding

WoodWool is a pest free, chemical free, extremely durable product with the ability to be reused. It is perfect for large animal bedding and enrichment. We currently supply many Zoo’s across Australia including Zoos SA, Taronga Zoo and Rockhampton Zoo.

Like to use Wood Wool in your business?

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