Our wood wool products are manufactured from Radiata Pine sourced from eco-sustainable plantations. Our manufacturing process is undertaken using the highest quality standards, on sterile, uncontaminated machinery.

Why use us?

We have been producing wood wool for a long time and with such experience in multiple markets, our clients know they can rely on us for not only quality but consistency of supply.

Conveniently based in Lonsdale, South Australia, our economically competitive distribution network extends Australia-wide. This means you get the best wood wool, at the best price, delivered fast.

How is wood wool manufactured?

Our wood wool is produced from sustainably sourced Radiata Pine logs that are be-barked and then cut into smaller logs (billets), then processed on large, sterile, high-speed machines into 1.5mm, 3mm shredded timber strands.

Naturally air-dried, the wood strands are baled, individually wrapped and ready for distribution across Australia.

Fine wood wool

Our food grade wood wool is a strong 1.5mm cut that is a high-end addition to any product where quality and refinement are paramount. This beautiful wood wool has a variety of applications, for example:

  • Wine Packaging / Gift Hampers
  • Plant Packaging
  • Bedding and enrichment for small animals
  • Seafood packaging (eg. Crayfish / Lobster) for domestic distribution and live export

Small bale: (approximately 10 kg) 800mm x 600mm x 400mm

Coarse wood wool

Our food grade Pine WoodWool is a hardy 3mm cut that works best where heavy duty yet light packaging is required either to absorb or retain moisture. This robust wood wool has a variety of applications, including:

  • Evaporative cooling filter pads
  • Seafood packaging (eg. Crayfish / Lobster) for domestic distribution and live export
  • Tool / Equipment packaging
  • Plant Packaging
  • Bedding and enrichment for large animals

Pine Large bale: (approximately 50 kg) 700mm x 700mm x 900mm


Our beautiful wood wool is made from premium Radiata Pine de-barked timbers. It is air dried and chemical free, making it 100% biodegradable.


Chemical free, cleanly manufactured and made from the finest grade of food safe timbers, our wood wool is a safe choice for food packaging and animal bedding.


Our timbers are sourced only from eco-sustainable plantations committed to ethical and environmentally sustainable practices.

Like to use wood wool in your business?

We think you'll love our wood wool just as much as we do. To find out more about our products and how they could work for your business please call and speak to one of our team today.