In this section we answer the most common questions on the USE, REUSE and RECYCLING of Premium Australian made wood wool.

What actually is wood wool?

Wood wool is long, elastic, loose, shredded wood threads. It originates from debarked, and air-dried radiata pine timber of the highest quality. Once produced it undergoes a triple dust extraction process to ensure the highest quality product.

Durable, beautiful in appearance, resilient and versatile, food grade wood wool has many applications including wine and gift packaging. Some unique characteristics not found in other void fills include moisture absorbing, temperature regulating, odour reducing, anti-bacterial and anti-static.

How much wood wool will I need?

The actual amount will depend on how many items you are packing and how firm the hold needs to be. We calculate the amount needed based on the volume of the box or basket you are putting the items in. It all comes down to how much space is being filled with wood wool.

If you have a small number of items in a box and you need superior protection and cushioning, you may need between 15 and 20 gms per litre.

If you have a lot of items in a box with little room between each and it is more for presentation of the goods, you may only need 7-10 gms per litre.

Now multiply the amount per litre indicated here by the amount of litres of your package.

How do I measure the litres?

Please refer to our handy volume calculator on the USES page. click here to go to the calculator. Or you can measure the Length (L) x Width (W) by Height (H) in cm. Multiply them together and divide your answer by 1000. This will give you the volume in litres.

This large (pictured) mailer is 39cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 14cm (H). The volume of this is calculated as:

39x28x14 = 15,288 ÷ 1000 = 15.29 lt

For a box of this size with a medium amount of wood wool to protect items, you would multiply 15.29 lt x 15 gms per litre.

15.29 x 15 = 230.

This means that you would need approximately 230 gms of wood wool per box.

How do I tell my customers about the benefits and uses or wood wool?

Ask us for a copy of the QR code that links to this page, add this to your packaging and promote the benefits our eco-friendly wood wool filler as part of your business operations.

How do I package the items to get the best result from wood wool?

The wood wool holds the items firmly when used like a ‘nest’. Items should be placed inside pockets of wood wool and not touch each other. It is best to fill the box with wood wool and then start to place the items in the box one by one. Once finished you can place a final layer on top before closing the lid and sealing. This helps to keep the items firm during transit.

How do I store my natural wood wool?

As a natural product, it can be stored in the original plastic bag in a cool and dry location. If you find after a period of storage some and it feels a little dry, you can spray with a fine mist and set aside for a few hours for the wood wool to take up some of the moisture and become more malleable

Can I re-use the wood wool after I receive my package?

Absolutely. We encourage you to use the wood wool again for the next gift hamper or basket that you make for someone. It can be used multiple times due to it being a hard wearing, natural material.

If it gets dirty, can I wash it?

Certainly. Wood wool can be washed in warm water and left to naturally air dry before storing again in a bag for reusing.

How do I dispose of the wood wool when I’m finished with it?

Wood wool is 100% biodegradable so can effortlessly go into your green waste bin. Before you do, have you considered the ways you could use it in your existing garden? Do you have plants* that it can go near to suppress weeds and keep moisture in? It is perfect for potted outdoor plants like standard roses and can be placed around mature strawberry plants. As it is food grade, it can also safe to be used as a bedding for chickens, guinea pigs or other ‘nesting’ animals.

Can I burn wood wool in a fire?

Wood wool is 100% natural timber with no chemicals added, so it is completely safe to burn. Given the moisture content of the raw material when it is made, you are best to let it dry fully before placing in any fire or excess smoke is likely to occur.


Our beautiful wood wool is made from premium Radiata Pine de-barked timbers. It is air dried and chemical free, making it 100% biodegradable.


Chemical free, cleanly manufactured and made from the finest grade of food safe timbers, our wood wool is a safe choice for food packaging and animal bedding.


Our timbers are sourced only from eco-sustainable plantations committed to ethical and environmentally sustainable practices.

Like to use wood wool in your business?

We think you'll love our wood wool just as much as we do. To find out more about our products and how they could work for your business please call and speak to one of our team today.